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Our Services Include
Full Diagnostic Intakes

During your initial appointment, you will have a full medical intake done including the necessary vitals and a detailed interview regarding all of your symptoms and concerns. These appointments are scheduled for a minimum of 1 hr.

Chinese Herbal Medicine


All of the herbal medicine used at Crane Medicine is approved for use by Health Canada.  All of our herbal medicines meet world class manufacturing standards, including hundreds of tests for safety and purity. Many people do not know this, but Health Canada has some of the highest manufacturing standards for Chinese herbal medicine in the world.


At Crane Medicine we integrate Acupuncture into treatment schedules for patients when it is appropriate. Far beyond simply inserting needles where there is pain, we apply acupuncture in the time-tested classical methods. David has extensive training in the traditional use of Acupuncture, having studied with many famous doctors from China.  David also has post-graduate studies in the more modern applications of Acupuncture using the brain and nervous system.

Qi Gong Meditation

Qi Gong is a central pillar in classical Chinese medicine.  David has taught Qigong meditation since 1999 and he encourages its application post-treatment to maintain health and vitality.  Like all of the services at Crane Medicine, we integrate cutting-edge modern scientific research in order to help people understand the benefits they receive from regular Qi Gong practice. CLICK HERE to head over to the Jade Dragon Qi Gong school online!

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